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Thinking about your Well-Being!

Complementary Therapies
Our system...

Our natural healing system doesn't need much outside help. However, and mainly because we live unnatural lives, where personal feelings and needs tend to be devalued to the detriment of daily activities and tasks, our energy gradually stops flowing and that is when the physical and mental symptoms of the disease appear.

The concept...

Inserted in a relaxing atmosphere, where music and essences combine with the therapist's knowledge, promoting your health and general well-being.

Full Body...

Full-body reflexology is such a phenomenal tool, precisely because of its ability to connect you to the causes of the problem.


It is based on the principle that there are reflex zones or points (nerve endings) in all parts of the body that are associated with each part of our anatomy. In other words, we will find the entire body reflected in reflections in the head, as well as in the ears, chest, arms, forearms, hands, fingers, spine, abdomen, thighs, legs, feet and fingers, and so on.

The systems
of Reflexology
Full Body...

Full-body reflexology systems are found in the body in layers and in different directions, working together and can, in this way, energize each other. The fact that reflex systems are located in our body in several different layers may be a possible explanation for why different symptoms appear simultaneously. Two examples of symptoms that generally appear simultaneously are jaw tension/knee problems, and hemorrhoids/shoulder pain.

To solve, for example, a knee problem or anxiety, stimulating the nerve endings in the knee or the diaphragm, respectively, may seem like the most obvious treatment. This can certainly be done, but symptoms are likely to return after a while as the cause of the problem has not been resolved.

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