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Punhos em Solidariedade
Fists in Solidarity

During the 1980s, the computer company Apple, followed by other companies, recognized that its employees, by sitting for long hours in front of the computer, reduced their productivity throughout the day. At that time, "Quick Massage" became widespread in the workplace, similar to what was already being done in many companies in Japan.

Some companies realized that to improve the productivity of their employees in the workplace, they would have to give them more than a salary increase, they would have to help them regain quality of life.

Nowadays, many companies are finally starting to see the importance of the physical and emotional well-being of their workers. Acts of appreciation, which lead to an increase in the company's productivity, while at the same time enhancing the good relationship between the employee and the employer.

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Physical and emotional well-being is very important in creativity, decision-making, skill development, communication and positive attitude within a company.

By valuing the well-being of workers, the company's productivity increases.

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- Increased productivity

- Increased self-esteem

- Prevention of tension-related illnesses

- Reduction of company costs for employee sick leave and disability compensation payments

- Reduction of employee absences

- Improving the image of the company that cares about the working conditions of its employees

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Stress causes emotional, cognitive, behavioral and  physical and mental health problems.

- Emotional problems, such as irritability, anxiety, bad mood, isolation and fatigue.

- Cognitive problems, such as difficulties with concentration, memory, and making decisions.

- Behavioral problems, such as nervous habits, consumption of psychotropic substances, isolation, less punctuality, more aggressiveness.

- Physical or mental health problems, such as working while ill, more frequent and/or prolonged absences from work.

Value the physical and emotional well-being of your team!

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Customized programs...

Health and well-being, in a single program, with the inclusion of relaxation and therapeutic massages, Osteopathy or facial treatments.

Scheduling according to company/employee availability.

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