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The desire of any woman or man looking for an aesthetic treatment is to resolve (as quickly as possible) the undesirable changes in the face, such as aging, loss of skin luminosity, fine wrinkles, blemishes, acne and sagging, treatment of small vascular lesions, among others. 

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Advanced Aesthetics
Advanced Aesthetics

Over the years, we have developed our activity, always seeking to be at the forefront of what is being done most innovatively in terms of facial treatments, working with some of the most renowned product brands on the market BABOR and knowing in depth their composition, the purposes for which they are intended and the most suitable for each person. We have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the techniques to be applied in different treatments, always taking into account the characteristics of each person.

Radio frequency
Facial Radiofrequency...

The face is our letter of introduction...


Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment used to combat sagging of the face, being very effective in combating wrinkles and expression lines. Safe method with lasting effects.


We have Bipolar, Tripolar and Monopolar Radiofrequency.

Babor Cosmetics
BABOR Cosmetics

We seek excellence in the services provided...

BABOR professional cosmetics, exact solutions for all beauty requirements!

The range of professional skin care, BABOR, is synonymous with precision cosmetics. Made in Germany, with its high-performance formulas, based on select active ingredients, it sets new standards in the field of cosmeceuticals.

Facial Aesthetics
Treatments & Equipment

- Global facial rejuvenation
- Professional Peels
- Facial Cleansing
- Stains
- Acne
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Dermal sagging

- Tripolar, Bipolar and Monopolar Radiofrequency (Capacitive and Resistive)

Skin cleansing
Facial Spa...

Much more than a simple skin cleansing!


Deep facial treatment, with the BABOR Beauty Spa Concepts protocol, which includes a facial assessment with a view to applying cosmetics suitable for your skin, hygiene, followed by deep cleansing with exfoliation, steam and extraction of comforts, mask application and final ritual . Duration 1h30m.

Your skin will be refreshed, luminous and youthful! 

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation the main objective is to combat wrinkles, blemishes and acne marks, effectively improving the visible signs of skin aging and restoring its radiance to the face. Doctor Babor and Doctor Babor Pro protocols.

Facial Aesthetics
Facial Assessment Consultation

Wrinkles, Sagging, Spots, Acne...


Schedule a free first consultation and discuss your case with our professionals.


We will select the best option to treat your case, restoring the natural tone and shine to your complexion.

Skin cleansing

Your face needs extra care, beyond what is part of your daily routine.

Skin cleansing with the BABOR Beauty Spa Concepts protocol, which includes a facial assessment with a view to applying cosmetics suitable for your skin, hygiene, followed by cleansing with exfoliation, steam, application of a mask and final ritual. Duration 1h.

Monopolar Radio Frequency

Bipolar & Monopolar  

New equipment, included in our body and face programs...Regeneration, rejuvenation, muscle recovery and reaffirmation

Bipolar mode, allows you to gradually achieve collagen restructuring while stimulating the formation of new fibers that replace aging ones and make tissues more elastic, promote homeostasis and improve skin condition.

Monopolar Capacitive Mode, generates deep hyperemia, acting on the skin and adipose tissue, causing vasodilation and increased tissue oxygenation. By increasing cellular metabolism, it favors the consumption of fats, producing a visible decrease in the volume of the treated area. Furthermore, it stimulates the formation of fibroblasts, causing the synthesis of new collagen and elastin, rejuvenating the skin practically instantly.

Monopolar Resistive Mode, concentrates energy more deeply, acting on ligaments, joints, muscles and tendons. The hyperthermia generated increases tissue oxygenation. This application has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and muscle relaxing effect. Due to its combination of currents with athermal, thermal and hyperthermic effects, it is indicated for treatments for swelling and muscle recovery, persistent bruises, sports recovery and physiotherapy. It is important to highlight the draining, regenerating and healing action of this application.

Adding quality means valuing your preference!

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