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Relax your body and mind... in a unique space, where essences and music merge with the hands of those who feel the massage.

Individual rituals, couples or up to 3 people side-by-side.

The oldest therapy!

Relaxation massage, the oldest therapy!


Massage is probably the oldest therapeutic tool used by man to communicate and provide (or provide oneself, through self-massage) a natural resource against pain. It is not, however, a complete treatment system, but rather a complementary therapy that helps to improve the patient's general health status, acting as a complement to conventional forms of treatment.

Reiki Treatment
Working with energies...

Massage is an exchange of energy between two bodies. When we give or receive a massage, we not only manipulate muscles, skin and bones, we also work energy, both physical and mental.

This energy is transmitted from the body of the person giving the massage to the person receiving it. Through sliding, friction, beating and kneading techniques, we work the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and subtle or energetic systems, thus eliminating fatigue, both mental and physical, and giving our body resistance to face illnesses and lack of energy. of harmony.

The most recognized effect of massage is the relaxation of the body and mind, but depending on the technique used and the speed and intensity of the movements, it can also be very stimulating.

The candles...

There are several candles, lit, which testify to the unique and unforgettable moments experienced at Rosa Cunha Day Spa...

therapeutic massage
Physical Benefits...

Massage Relaxation & Physical Benefits

- Enhances breathing;

- Promotes lymphatic drainage;

- Reduces muscle fatigue and reduces tiredness;

- Effectively stimulates the nervous system;

- Relaxes and benefits sleep;

- Improves skin elasticity, blood circulation, immune system and muscle toning;

- Stimulates and balances the digestive system;

- Helps combat high blood pressure.

The hands...

"The hands that carry the touch of massage reach more than the body, they reach the soul!"

couple massage
Psychological Benefits...

Massage Relaxation & Psychological Benefits

- Immediate well-being;

- Stimulates positive feelings and keeps negative ones under control;

- Increases energy and stimulates the intellect;

- Relaxes the body and mind;

- Improves the image a person has of themselves and, consequently, self-esteem.

Our massage concept...

Inserted in a truly relaxing atmosphere, the fusion of therapeutic, relaxing and draining techniques used, combined with oils and essences, make our Relaxation Rituals unique and unforgettable experiences, which continue until the moment where the tasting of tea, jams takes place and other delicacies specially created for the moment.

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