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We are committed to the quality of our services and before any treatment, all clients undergo an Assessment Consultation, the aim of which is to determine the treatment or treatment plan.

Free Body Assessment Consultation (F/M).

Estética Corporal
Body esthetics
SOS BodyCare

Intensive Body Programs (F/M), consisting of 6 or 10 sessions, which combine Apparatology (Velashape, Radiofrequency, Electrostimulation, Sweating Blanket, Cavitation, etc.), Thermotherapy, Modeling Massage and Professional Cosmetics.

Individual treatment sessions, lasting an average of 1h30m.


Known as "orange peel skin", cellulite is a condition in which the skin has fat deposits, giving it a lumpy appearance, resulting from an irregular distribution under the skin's surface.

It is important not to confuse it with infectious cellulitis, which corresponds to a serious and potentially fatal bacterial skin infection, which results in areas of redness, heat and pain on the affected skin that tend to spread quickly.

Cellulite is classified into three grades:
Grade 1: no symptoms and only detected in microscopic examinations
Grade 2: the skin becomes paler and has less elasticity
Grade 3: visible roughness of the skin

Although it can affect both genders, cellulite is very common in women, and it is estimated that around 80% of women have some degree of cellulite, partly due to their greater tendency to accumulate certain types of fat. Although it is not a serious illness, it can affect the self-esteem and, therefore, the quality of life of people affected by it.

It is important to adopt healthier lifestyle habits and associate body treatments with your routines.

Body esthetics
Model the body

Model your body, without surgery...
Treating your body while losing weight...

Increasingly, women and men are looking for non-invasive body treatments, and follow the treatments with a personalized diet prescribed by a nutritionist.

Our goal is to achieve a greater balance between lost weight and a shaped and toned body.

urinary incontinence
Urinary incontinence...

An uncomfortable, embarrassing topic that leaves the person insecure and withdrawn.

Loss of bladder control, loss of urine after sneezing, coughing or laughing, impair quality of life, so it is important to find effective therapeutic options.

EMSCULPT PELVIC, non-invasive procedure, whose objective is to strengthen the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the lower part of the pelvis. These are the strong muscles of the pelvic floor, which provide control over the bladder and bowels. EMSCULPT PELVIC treatments use electromagnetic energy to “exercise” the supramaximal muscles of the pelvic floor, in a single session.

Intimate rejuvenation with EMSCULPT PELVIC, indicated for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence, strengthening the pelvic muscles in the pre and postpartum period, and in the treatment of intimate discomfort, with consequent improvement in libido.

Consult us and get professional advice.

Portrait against plastic sheet
In Body Aesthetics...

In Body Aesthetics, there are no quick and miraculous processes, physiology does not change overnight, and to be healthy and beneficial for your body, we must respect its natural regeneration or recovery time.

Our staff is qualified to inform you about the most suitable procedures for your body, and is dedicated to advising you on how to have a healthier lifestyle, avoiding certain habits that are harmful to your health.

Detox Program

Detoxify, Drain and Burn Fat...

Combining Reducing Wraps (Algotherapy or Fangotherapy) with the Sweating Blanket is great for detoxifying the body, eliminating toxins and excessive fluid retention, responsible for problems such as loss of energy, fatigue, insomnia and constipation, among others.

The Sweating Blanket treatment works like a Finnish sauna (dry sauna), but has the advantage of the client having their head outside the equipment, which does not cause a drop in blood pressure. It also has the advantage of being three-phase, that is, it is divided into three parts, which allows the temperature to be regulated in 3 different areas of the body. The temperatures reached vary between 45-60ºC, allowing the exchange of fluids from the body with the external environment. Sweating allows our body to expel toxins, while the dilation of the pores facilitates the penetration of the active ingredient (seaweed or mud wraps), previously applied through a brief massage.

modeling massage
Modeling Massage

Modeling, an aesthetic and self-esteem issue...

Modeling massage aims to combat localized fat, sagging and promote body shaping. The movements are more vigorous and focused on areas with more adipose tissue. The greater intensity of the massage improves blood circulation and empties fat cells, being able to shape the body's curves. To complement the technique, it is extremely important to use cosmetics with thermogenic active ingredients or with reducing functions.

Lymphatic drainage
Pain in the  legs

Many clients come to us due to leg pain...

Leg pain can have different causes, such as poor circulation, sciatica, excessive physical exertion or neuropathy and, therefore, to identify its cause it is necessary to observe the exact location and characteristics of the pain, as well as whether the two legs are affected or just one and whether the pain worsens or improves with rest.

Typically, leg pain that does not improve with rest indicates circulation problems, while leg pain upon waking may be a sign of night cramps or lack of circulation. Pain in the legs and back can be a symptom of back problems or compression of the sciatic nerve, for example.


It is advisable to go to the doctor when the pain in your legs is very intense or when there are other symptoms.


Post-Operative Treatments...

Post-operative monitoring, whether aesthetic surgery or another organic/functional purpose, is fundamental to the success of any surgical intervention.

Aesthetic treatments can greatly help with recovery from some types of surgery, of which we highlight Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ultrasound and Radiofrequency.

These last two services are responsible for accelerating the metabolism of the area affected by surgery, speeding up the healing process.

Exclusive protocols...

Our body programs combine several key points, equipment, thermotherapy, massages, professional cosmetics and nutritional advice.


Which part of your body bothers you the most?

Localized Fat, how to treat it?

With CRYOLIPOLYSIS of Plates (new equipment), one of the most sought after equipment in the fight against localized fat.

Reduce localized adiposity through Cryolipolysis, that is, through controlled cooling, fat cells are destroyed (apoptosis). Over time, dead cells disintegrate and are gradually eliminated by the body, thus achieving the effect of liposuction. However, as it is not a surgical procedure, there is no recovery period that will make you unable to carry out your normal activities.

Refillable water bottle
Drink water...

Drinking water is essential for the health of your skin...

Hydrating the skin, both through water intake and the application of dermocosmetics, ensures a greater quantity of liquid between the cells, which means that the entire structure is well supported. Brighter, softer and more beautiful skin!

In dehydration, the skin becomes dry and hot.

Body Assessment
Physiological changes...

Intoxication is a cumulative and silent process, which causes physiological changes, such as increased fluid retention, heaviness and intestinal malfunction, as well as behavioral changes, such as feeling unwell and increased irritability.

roupa de praia
Taking care of your body...

In the cold months, care for the body and food is somewhat undervalued, and in spring and summer, there is an increase in demand for body treatments and nutritional support, in other words, people run after damage and miraculous treatments…

As most procedures need time to show their effects, by carrying out treatments at this stage of the year, it is possible to achieve better results as soon as summer knocks on the door.

Consult us and get professional advice.


As we age, there are changes in skin fibers, a reduction in muscle mass and loss of muscle tone.

Physical exercise and dietary care are essential, combined with aesthetic treatments.

There are many websites with information on this topic, which lead us to self-assessments, however, we advise you to carry out a "free" body assessment consultation, where one of our professionals evaluates and advises the treatment plan suitable for your body. Consult us!


Reaffirm the Arms,...

With age, the skin's support fibers weaken, resulting in sagging. As a rule, it is a slow and progressive process, however, certain habits or health conditions can accelerate the appearance of sagging.

Pregnancy, hormonal disorders, obesity, weight loss, an unbalanced diet or a sedentary lifestyle are some of the causes of sagging arms.

Poor Circulation vs Care

Treatment for poor circulation should begin with regular physical activity and changes in diet, with increased consumption of foods rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, such as orange, lemon, kiwi, garlic and beetroot, for example. .

Performing LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (leg and foot massage) or PRESSOTHERAPY, which uses devices on the legs to improve circulation during treatment sessions.

Taking measures, such as elevating your legs at the end of the day, taking a shower with water at a medium temperature, massaging from the ankle to the groin and wearing comfortable shoes, also help to reduce the discomfort caused by poor circulation.

In some cases, the doctor may also recommend the use of compression stockings or prescribe medications, such as Diosmin or Velunid, for example, which contain diosmin and hesperidin in the composition, which act on the veins of the circulatory system, improving venous tone, microcirculation and blood vessel resistance.

It is also important to avoid smoking and reduce alcohol consumption, which helps improve blood vessel health and reduce swelling in the legs.


Post-Operative Lymphatic Drainage improves blood circulation, eliminating toxins and reducing water retention (swelling), in addition to activating cellular oxygenation and tissue nutrition. Manipulations help in the prevention and treatment of fibrosis.

This is a specific massage, performed with light and slow compression and decompression movements, which direct and improve lymphatic flow.

Note: Treatments will only be carried out after medical approval and with a medical certificate.

Image by i yunmai
Body Assessment (F/M)

Evaluate, interpret and advise...

In a body assessment consultation, an assessment will be made of the area or areas to be treated, we will obtain information regarding your health and daily habits (sports practice and diet) and we will collect data using a body composition monitor._22200000-0000-0000-0000 -000000000222_

The interpretation of all this information allows us to advise you in a coherent and personalized way on the treatment or treatment program that suits your body and lifestyle.

Lose Weight vs Sagging

After losing weight, comes the issue of sagging....

It is very common for your skin to feel thinner and more aged after a diet. When gaining weight, the skin distends caused by the increase in the volume of adipose tissue under the skin. When excess fat is eliminated, the elastic and collagen fibers that support the skin lose their ability to retract and become saggy.

Our entire body suffers from sagging, but some areas are more susceptible, such as arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and face.

Health or Aesthetics?

Whether for health or aesthetic reasons, it is important to resolve unwanted body changes, such as localized fat, stretch marks, sagging, cellulite, fluid retention or any other issue that bothers you in your body.

Rear view of woman in bikini
Gluteal amnesia...

Gluteal amnesia syndrome is very common in people who spend a lot of time sitting or teleworking.

The negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity or heart disease, are not a recent topic. What you may not know is that sitting in a chair all day can also cause your glutes to stop working properly, developing a condition called “gluteal amnesia”, also known as “butt syndrome”. flat".

This is a syndrome where, as the name suggests, the muscles that make up the buttocks appear to be asleep and the consequences can be devastating for the body due to the fact that other muscles begin to compensate for the failures of the glutes, altering the entire mechanics of our body. body.

There are also aesthetic consequences, resulting from the degradation of muscle mass, resulting in sagging and, in most cases, unwanted cellulite.

For those who spend a lot of time sitting, especially now teleworking, it is recommended to practice regular physical exercise and some specific exercises for the glutes, as well as adopting a healthy diet. Excess weight also puts additional pressure on the glutes.

There are also "invasive" body remodeling technologies, such as EMSCULPT, which allow skin to regenerate. These act through greater collagen production, densification of the dermis and reduction of cellulite.

Body esthetics
Our body...

Our body is our home...

And it needs constant care!

Body esthetics

Firming the chest, in addition to restoring firmness, increases self-esteem...

The skin of the breasts is very fragile, without muscles and full of fatty tissue. Therefore, one of the problems you face is the loss of elasticity and consequent sagging, caused by the passing of years, weight variations or other problems associated with pregnancy, in the case of women who are already mothers. It is also one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, manifesting itself in hormonal changes, illnesses, age and bad habits, which cannot always be overcome.

The fact that the breast becomes less firm is linked to the effect of gravity and genetic inheritance, in equal proportions, requiring a series of essential care that must begin with deep hydration, combined with specific aesthetic treatments.

Lymphatic drainage
Poor circulation in the legs...

Poor circulation, also known as venous insufficiency, mainly affects women, the elderly, obese people, pregnant women or those using contraceptive pills and people with a family history of venous insufficiency, but it can also affect people of other ages, and is also common in people with other chronic problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

To identify this problem, you must be aware of the presence of signs and symptoms such as:
- Cold, dry or scaly skin;
- Itchy legs;
- Red spots on the legs;
- Presence of spider veins or varicose veins;
- Swollen feet and ankles;
- Pale or bluish color in places with poor circulation;
- Leg cramps;
- Sensation of tingling, stinging or numbness in the legs;
- Absence of hair on the legs;
- Cracks in the heels.

Lymphatic drainage
L retentionliquids

Fluid Retention vs Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - Vodder Method, can be a powerful ally to prevent and combat the problem of fluid retention, as well as cellulite that tends to appear in areas of the body most prone to fluid retention.

DLM consists of a gentle massage, with the aim of stimulating and facilitating the passage of lymph through your circulatory system. Lymph is a liquid that circulates in the body to cleanse the blood of impurities, performing its immune role together with antibodies in the blood.

In addition to lymphatic drainage reducing generalized or local swelling, which can be caused by congestion, it protects and even treats aesthetic problems, such as cellulite, but also muscular or joint problems, promoting general well-being.

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