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The best way to value our customers' preference is to invest in innovation and the quality of our services.

Electrolysis, permanent hair removal method, available during our usual opening hours.

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Over the years, we have developed our activity, always seeking to be at the forefront of the most innovative developments in permanent hair removal, trying to satisfy all customers who seek our services.


With the introduction of Electrolysis, also known as Electric Hair Removal or Electrogulation, we are able to satisfy customers with white, blonde, red or fluffy hair.


We have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the techniques to be applied in different cases, always taking into account the characteristics of each person.

What does it consist of?

It consists of hair-by-hair treatments, through the insertion of a filament into the hair follicle, where a low-intensity electrical discharge occurs, which destroys the germ cells, thus preventing hair growth.

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Since 1875...

Permanent hair removal technique that has existed since 1875, with no contraindications, no side effects, with hundreds of scientific articles and proven effectiveness.

Applicable to all ages, and  completely eliminates all types of hair.

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Diagnostic Consultation

Carrying out a Diagnostic Consultation is an invitation to see the space, the equipment and obtain information from accredited and experienced professionals in the area of permanent hair removal. 


The consultation is free and lasts an average of 30 minutes. Consult us!


There are several areas where Electrolysis operates, where we highlight the ears, nose, zygomatic area, between eyebrows, eyebrow style, stray hairs, upper lip, chin, etc.

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