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Temporary Hair Removal...

Wax or Thread, count on a team of certified and experienced professionals.

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Hair removal
Our commitment...

Professionalism, Experience, Safety, Hygiene, Comfort...

Hair removal
The wax...

We use low-fusion waxes with softening agents, suitable for all skin types, including people with blood circulation problems and those sensitive to high temperatures.

Hair removal
Cleaning & Disinfection

We highly value the hygiene and disinfection of all utensils, equipment and the entire area where we carry out the proposed services. 

Professionalism and safety, when it comes to taking care of your body!

Hair removal

Wax continues to be the most used method for hair removal, being effective both in extracting hair from the root and in reducing its growth.

Get smooth, smooth skin for a long time, without the constant worry of almost daily waxing!

Line waxing...

Threading or thread waxing is a temporary hair removal technique, which consists of just using 100% cotton thread.


- Does not create wrinkles, does not cut, does not burn;
- Does not cause allergic reactions;
- No pimples or any other type of irritation appear after waxing;
- This technique has no influence on skin changes;
- Helps to unclog hair, as the line glides over the skin, promoting the exfoliation effect;
- Brightens and softens the skin;
- This is a traditional method, offering hygiene and care.


It's an excellent way to shave, for those who want to follow a more natural beauty regime.

Teenage Hair Removal
Waxing in adolescence...

A frequent question, asked by parents and teenagers themselves, is when is the right time to have the 1st Hair Removal?

There is no set date for starting waxing, teenagers should start waxing when the hair starts to bother them. It is very important that you talk to your children, try to understand the right time to start and which hair removal method best suits your style.

IMPORTANT: Always look for a certified and experienced professional. During a first waxing, it is very important that the service is carried out with dedication, care and professionalism, avoiding possible psychological and physical trauma to the teenager.

male shaving
Male waxing...

One of the most popular areas for male hair removal is the back, as hair on the back and shoulders is not only unsightly, but can also affect men's self-esteem.

Consult us and get professional advice...

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