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We are committed to the quality of our services and before any treatment, all clients undergo an Assessment Consultation, the aim of which is to determine the treatment or treatment plan, and the line of cosmetics to be applied.

Estética Facial
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In the summer...

Summer and skin care...

If in winter face care was based on applying a moisturizing cream because of the cold, the time has come to add new habits, defending your face against the summer heat.

4 important tips, use sunscreen every day, good hygiene (twice a day), carry out deep skin cleansing, for spots that appeared in winter, invest in an anti-stain program, and finally, intensify skin hydration. inside out, with increased fluid intake.

Seek professional advice, contact us on 913895112.

Facial Aesthetics

Skin aging, intrinsic and extrinsic...

Intrinsic aging is directly associated with the natural aging process, that is, with genetic and hormonal factors.

Extrinsic aging is caused by exposure to ultraviolet solar radiation, pollution, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, insufficient sleep and an unbalanced diet. 

facial sagging

Sagging on the face is a common sign of skin aging. This process happens naturally and we can observe it objectively when, unfortunately, wrinkles, expression lines, and loss of volume and firmness (lower tissue density) appear. .

It is possible to combat sagging, toning and reinvigorating the muscles of the face, through aesthetic treatments. We highlight Tripolar Radiofrequency or Chemical Peels.


There are several factors that cause its appearance, such as excessive sun exposure, the use of contraceptives and antibiotics, diabetes, thyroid problems and even heredity.

All of these factors contribute to a deficient production of melanin, the protein responsible for skin and hair pigmentation. The uniformity of the skin is altered, giving it an aged and unhealthy appearance.

facial drainage

Drainage, in addition to being great at reducing fluid retention, will improve blood circulation, help prevent fibrosis and also hydrate and nourish cells, promoting the acceleration of the healing process. Great for restoring your general health!

post-operative drainage

Post-operatively after facial surgery, Lymphatic Drainage will strengthen the immune system, helping to fight infections, reduce signs of bruising and edema, reduce recovery time and combat post-surgical stress.

It is normal for people to retain a lot of fluid after surgery, and in some cases the body is unable to expel the excess. In these cases, it is necessary to perform several Lymphatic Drainage sessions.

Drainage, in addition to being great at reducing fluid retention, will improve blood circulation, help prevent fibrosis and also hydrate and nourish cells, promoting the acceleration of the healing process. Great for restoring your general health!

Note: Treatments will only be carried out after medical approval and with a medical certificate. 

Facial Aesthetics
Facial Assessment

Seek professional advice, contact us and schedule a free facial assessment consultation. 

The sugar...

Sugar can damage your skin...

Excessive sugar consumption is mainly known for opening the door to serious diseases, such as diabetes. However, reducing consumption in your daily life also helps to avoid other negative effects, such as the process called glycation, capable of accelerating premature skin aging.

Glycation is caused by a reaction in which carbohydrates, such as glucose, permanently bind to proteins, such as collagen itself. In this way, proteins undergo modifications and, consequently, their function is compromised. “It is an action as harmful as that of free radicals, promoting the formation of wrinkles and resulting in loss of elasticity and tone”.

dark circles
Dark circles

Dark circles, one of the most common aesthetic problems...

Dark circles may be related to excessive exposure to the sun, swelling of the eyes, very thin and transparent skin under the eyes, excess vascularity in this region, not ignoring genetic factors.


It is important to mention that a diet rich in vitamin E is essential for keeping your skin healthy.


The most common skin disease, affecting 85 to 100% of the population at any time in their lives. It is a skin disease in which hair follicles have excess fat and dead skin cells. One of the most affected areas is the face. If left untreated, it can result in unsightly or even disfiguring scars, which are, in themselves, difficult to treat.

facial drainage

Postoperative Facial Lymphatic Drainage

The post-operative period is one of the most important phases of plastic surgery. It is through the care he requires that the expected results are achieved. In addition to following your doctor's instructions to rest and eat a healthy diet, performing lymphatic drainage after plastic surgery is also a good option to avoid bruising and swelling, which may appear during this period.

Note: Treatments will only be carried out after medical approval and with a medical certificate.

BABOR Cosmetics

We always try to be at the forefront of what is being done most innovatively in terms of facial treatments, working with one of the most renowned cosmetic brands on the market, BABOR Cosmetics of German origin, knowing in depth its composition, the purposes for which it is intended and the most suitable for each person. We have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the techniques to be applied in different treatments, always taking into account the characteristics of each person.

Image by Manki Kim
Drink water...

Drinking water is essential for the health of your skin...

Hydrating the skin, both through water intake and the application of dermocosmetics, ensures a greater quantity of liquid between the cells, which means that the entire structure is well supported. Brighter, softer and more beautiful skin!

In dehydration, the skin becomes dry and hot.

skin cleansing
Facial care...

Nowadays, men are increasingly looking for aesthetic care, especially facial care.


Facial authentic beauty, health and well-being ritual, which will deeply clean your face, leaving your skin more cared for, luminous and young!


Wrinkles are signs of skin aging, which begins to show its first signs around the age of 30, when the elastic and collagen fibers in the skin decrease in quantity, leaving the skin thinner and more flaccid.

Did you know that our lifestyle habits have a direct influence on the appearance of wrinkles?

Image by Elisa Ventur
The stress...

This problem can cause a series of diseases that affect our entire body, such as anxiety, depression, cardiovascular complications and even problems with our skin. It may seem like a big surprise to many, but the skin is greatly affected by these physiological reactions, which can lead to various problems, such as acne breakouts, sensitivity and dryness.

Stress accelerates the production of free radicals that will neutralize proteins, such as collagen, and speed up the aging process. Furthermore, it can worsen skin diseases that are known to be related to emotional stress, such as acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, seborrheic dermatitis, allergic reactions and skin reactions related to photosensitivity, such as rosacea and lupus.

Acne vs Mask

The uUse of this accessory can cause injuries to your face. In addition to dehydrating the skin, the mask clogs the pores and, for this reason, can cause acne, rosacea and perioral dermatitis.

The mask ends up generating a more humid, warm environment, creating a certain amount of friction, altering our skin's microbiota and favoring acne. Furthermore, it also contributes to increased skin oiliness, occlusion of pores and all of this causes acne lesions.

babor pro
Doctor Babor Pro

Doctor Babor PRO Line, a treatment with fruit acids...


100% individualized products. Personalization and high efficiency combined, with precision “made in Germany”.


Available only with the advice of a specialist trained and certified by BABOR.

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