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Muscle pain, localized tension, injuries...

massagem terapêutica
Quick Massage
Quick Massage

Massage that provides effective relaxation in the back, arms and shoulders.


Reduces major muscle tension in just a few minutes. It is performed in a massage chair, on your clothes, where various therapeutic massage techniques are performed on the back, shoulders and neck.


It is a massage that relaxes, but will also leave you feeling light and renewed.

Duration vs Value:

20 minutes . €20


Cupping therapy, in the treatment of contractures and muscle tension...

Natural treatment in which cups are used to improve blood circulation, used to combat muscle pain, as the difference in pressure caused by the vacuum moves the skin away from the muscle and increases the amount of blood, having a relaxing action.

Cupping treatment can be indicated to eliminate back pain, caused by muscle tension or contractures, swelling in the arms and legs, and is also a good complement in the treatment of cellulite.

Main benefits of Cupping Therapy:

- Increased local blood circulation;

- Elimination of muscle contractures and trigger points;

- Strengthens blood vessels;

- Increase the production of synovial fluid within the joints;

- Relax and calm the body and mind.

Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic massage

Muscle pain, localized tension, injuries...

Professionalism, experience and specific training in the therapeutic and sports massage area. We combine Cupping Therapy and Electrotherapy in the treatment of contractures and muscle tension.

In the first session, there is a body assessment and a clinical questionnaire, in order to adapt the most appropriate massage techniques and, if necessary, draw up a treatment plan.

Duration vs Value:

1h. €50

1h30m. €65*

*Cupping therapy and Electrotherapy associated with manual therapy.


Electrotherapy, in the treatment of contractures and muscle tension...

It acts at the muscular level, using electrodes strategically positioned in the region to be treated, used to strengthen muscles, as its effect can facilitate muscle contraction, especially in cases of muscle weakness or atrophy.

Contraindications: in case of cardiac pacemaker, epilepsy, mental illness, on the uterus during pregnancy, in case of deep vein thrombosis or recent phlebitis, in case of recent fracture.

sports massage
Sports Massage

Massage aimed at athletes, men and women, who want to reduce the risk of injuries or relieve muscle tension.


Sports massage is a high-intensity therapeutic massage, the aim of which is to release the muscle and help eliminate contractures. This body massage treatment applies techniques designed to increase the performance of athletes, improving their muscle tone. 

Duration vs Value:

1h. €50

1h30m. €6


Through manual techniques, without the use of medication, Osteopathy has already proven that it helps to reduce pain, recover and restore lost mobility, balance the musculoskeletal, sacral-cranial and visceral systems so that the patient recovers the perfect balance of their body.

The validity of osteopathy is so concrete that it is recommended and encouraged by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a health practice.

Osteopathic treatment is an asset in the treatment of the following diseases:

- Pain in the spine, shoulders, shoulder girdle, elbows, wrists and hands;

- Neck pain;

- Backache;

- Pain in the hips, knees, ankles and feet;

- Sciatica pain;

- Torticollis;

- Sprains;

- Tendinitis;

- Headache and migraines;

- Muscle spasms and stiffness.

Duration vs Value:

1h. €60


- Programs valid until 12/31/24, cannot be combined with other current campaigns.

- The values shown may change without prior notice.

- After the purchase date, 12 months to benefit from the program.

- We do not refund the value or part of the value of any service, programs, packs or products purchased.

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