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Permanent hair removal...

Over the years, we have developed our activity, always seeking to be at the forefront of what is being done most innovative and efficient in terms of Laser Hair Removal.

At your disposal, Alexandrite Laser, Diode & Nd Yag (dark skin), adapted to all skin phototypes and hair types. Totally PAINLESS.

We have our own certified equipment, combined with a team of experienced professionals, thus valuing the safety of our services and your health.

Diagnostic & Clarification (F/M).

depilação laser
Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Our commitment...

PAINLESS, Safe, Fast, Effective, Comfortable and Certified...

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
of sessions

The number of sessions varies depending on the area to be treated, hair tone and skin color. It is possible to estimate the number of sessions, after a face-to-face assessment of the areas to be treated.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Cleaning & Disinfection

It is very important to correctly clean and disinfect all utensils and equipment, and just like the glasses used by the professional and client, in Laser hair removal, the Laser equipment also goes through the cleaning and disinfection process, after each use.

Professionalism and safety, when it comes to taking care of your body!

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Diagnostic Consultation

Carrying out a Diagnostic Consultation is an invitation to see the space, the equipment and obtain information from accredited and experienced professionals in the area of permanent hair removal.

The consultation lasts an average of 30 minutes. Consult us!

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Pulsed light
or Laser?

Do you know the difference between PULSED LIGHT and LASER?

Pulsed light may not be a good option for those who want to be hairless for good. Pulsed light is polychromatic and LASER it is monochromatic, this means that it is dispersed and is not concentrated in the hair, but in the entire area around it.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Eye Protection

The use of Laser Hair Removal equipment requires strict eye protection, due to the inherent risk of injury. The professional and the client wear specific protective glasses for the laser power.

After each use, the client's and the professional's glasses are disinfected and sterilized, thus complying with all safety and cleaning procedures.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal

Regardless of its color, thickness and speed of growth, we all know how annoying hair is.

Have you ever thought about having Laser Hair Removal?

The desire to feel good about our bodies makes removing hair permanently one of the most sought after body treatments by men and women, regardless of age. 

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
The Laser promises annihilation...

"The blade cuts. 

Wax is aggressive.

Pulsed Light reduces.

The Laser promises annihilation!"

- lifestyle.pú

Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Black Skins

Did you know that the ND YAG LASER is suitable for dark skin!?

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