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Excellence in quality!

Spa Pedicure...

The feet are one of the most important members of our body! 


They support all of our weight and take us where we want to go, often in conditions that are not the most suitable. In winter, stuck in socks, it becomes even more important to give it the necessary attention, to maintain its health.


Spa Pedicure is a set of specific care for the feet, which delights the vast majority of women, and now with a strong following among men. It consists of taking care of the cuticles, removing any spikes and calluses, hydrating the skin well, optionally applying a varnish (normal or gel varnish) and at the end, a relaxing foot massage.

Image by Rune Enstad
The concept...

Inserted in a relaxing atmosphere, manicure and pedicure services take place in private rooms, where privacy combines with music and essences, making your visit warmer.

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