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Adding 4 top-quality massages results in a top-notch program...

Best Seller Massage Program, includes the 4 most popular massages throughout the year, for those who like to travel through touch, sounds and essences. Sessions last 1h30m, with a typical tasting at the end.

- Relax Massage, fusion of essential oils with relaxation, draining and therapeutic maneuvers. Moderate pressure.

- Hot Stone Massage, for many the most relaxing massage in the world! Fusion of essential oils, with volcanic stones, combined with relaxation, draining and therapeutic maneuvers. Moderate pressure.

- Salt Treatment Ritual, revitalizing, detoxifying and draining, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, balances and renews energy. It includes exfoliation with Himalayan salt, rich in essential minerals, and a draining massage with salt stones, making the treatment simply fantastic. Moderate pressure.

- Ayurvedic Ritual, massage with deep techniques, using the hands, elbows and feet, which combines vigorous movements throughout the muscle mass with traction and stretching maneuvers and stimulation of points on vital organs aimed at balancing the body. Medium/high pressure.

A special program, for special people!

Best Seller Massage Program

285,00 € Regular Price
255,00 €Sale Price
VAT Included
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